Monday, March 09, 2009

There is no really way to learn the deep life lessons I guess, you simply have to enter into the storm and learn that although Jesus might seem asleep down below, he is aware, and he is concerned. Not simply concerned with the outcome of the vessel and the protection of the lives aboard, but concerned that the sailors have their eyes and ears open to what he might teach them while the waves come crashing. Well, there definitely are storms ahead... or should I call them opportunities for "simple faith".
Leaving a place where I have been comfortable and secure for the last 4 years, for God knows what... He literally does know, but He has not told me yet... "simple faith"
Bearing the responsibility of raising our first child in this world come October, a task which no book, movie, sage, or parent could fully prepare me or my wife for... "simple faith"
Moving? Job? Baby? Jesus?... "simple faith"
"Simple Faith" acknowledges the Absolute Almighty Sovereignty of God. "Simple Faith" fears not all the terrible "possibilities", but places all three of our lives into His hand...fully, simply, faithfully.
Only By His Grace Can We Surrender This Much